Series Sweeps in Major League Baseball are Hard… 

Since 1961, 27.8% of all 3-game MLB regular season series were sweeps.  You can get out the broom 10.2% of the time in a 4-game series.  Sweeps are even harder this season.  The folks at have run the numbers and so far, this MLB season (through July 31), sweeps are even harder – 12.7% of 3-game series and 8.6% of 4-game series are swept so far in 2022. 

Sweeps are rare – so bet that way!

Our advice: Bet against the sweep.  Look for series sweep deciding games in the MLB.  Lock in any time a 3 or 4 game sweep is on the line, then bet the field – unless it’s the DODGERS or the YANKEES

Look for opportunities during the remainder of this regular MLB season. 

  • Take the DODGERS in 4-game series sweep deciding games The DODGERS have swept more than half of their 4-game series this year –  5 of their 9 four-game series’ this year – all games, home and away – weird right?  There are only 3 other MLB teams with multiple 4 game sweeps so far this season (Phillies, Mariners, and Mets – each with 2). 
  • Take the YANKEES when they have a chance to sweep a 3-game series at home.  The Bronx Bombers have swept 7 of their 13 home 3-game series’ so far this season (53.8%).
  • Bet the opponent anytime the NATIONALS or the ROYALS have a chance to sweep – they haven’t swept a series all year
  • The CUBS, ANGELS, PIRATES, RANGERS, REDS, and A’s have only one sweep each – all year.  Good chance you’ll be a winner if you take the opponent when these teams are on the verge of a sweep.
  • If you feel lucky and want to bet the sweeps stick with the DODGERS, YANKEES, and ASTROS.  Best overall Sweepers – all over 20%
  • Best 3-game sweepers YANKEES, GUARDIANS (yes Cleveland), the ASTROS, and the PADRES – all over 20%

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