Ravens (-270) vs. Cardinals — 2 units

Sunday, August 21st, 2022 @ 8pm (FOX)

If you followed us last week, you know we cashed a ticket on the Ravens to win outright against the Titans which they did convincingly 23-10

We don’t love betting big favorites on the moneyline but don’t like laying big points in the preseason either.  The Ravens are currently 6-point chalk against the Cardinals in their Week 2 preseason matchup, and while 6 doesn’t sound like a big number to lay, it is in the preseason.

If you’re not a connoisseur of NFL preseason football, you may not be aware that the Ravens are now on a 21-game preseason win streak.  Let’s have a little pop math quiz.  If the chances of winning a game are even – that is .500 – what are the chances of winning 21 games in a row?  A little high school math and an assist from our friend Siri tell us that 2 to the 21st power is a little over 2 million.  Therefore, if it were just a random occurrence, the odds of winning 21 games in a row would be over 2 million to one. 

My point is that this streak isn’t a random occurrence and it’s probably not that John Harbaugh simply cares more about winning these games.  His teams are simply better prepared.  That, and he doesn’t give the opposing offenses any breaks when it comes to playing starters more, blitzing, and using his whole playbook.  The last 4 teams they have played have totaled 33 points combined.

Lastly, these preseason games are reliant on the play of backup quarterbacks.  The Ravens boast one of the best in the league in Tyler Huntley, who went 16 for 18 in the win over Tennessee last week

We’ll eschew the 6 points and once again lay the wood with the Ravens on the moneyline.  Right now you can get a price of Ravens -270 with our friends at BetUS.com.

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