2-Team 6pt “Teaser”

LA Rams (+8.5) & Carolina Panthers (+7) 2 units

One way we can take advantage of the sharpness of NFL spreads is by picking our spots with 6-point teasers.  Tonight’s game seeing Buffalo visiting the defending Super Bowl champ Rams offers us a great opportunity to move through key numbers and take 2 home teams that could both win outright.  In Los Angeles, we expect a tight game with the Bills and Rams, and we drive through the biggest key numbers of 3 and 7 to get 8.5 with Sean McVay’s crew, who incidentally have won every opener since he took over.  In the second leg of our teaser, we are taking advantage of some line movement in the last 24 hours which has seen the game move from Carolina -2 to pick em’ in some spots and even Cleveland -1 in a couple, namely BetOnline.  Bet this one right now to move Carolina to +7 as Baker Mayfield and a healthy Christian McCaffrey set their sights on the Browns, who start Jacoby Brissett at QB.

NY Giants vs. Tennessee Titans (-5.5) – 2 units

It seems like the football world is down on the Tennessee Titans going into this season, due certainly to their poor showing in the ’21 playoffs and the offseason trade of AJ Brown to the Eagles.  While it will be tough for Tennessee to win 12 games again, we are not as skeptical about their chances to make another playoff run.  The Giants, meanwhile, had an offense that was simply awful in ’21, ranking 31st in rushing AND passing.  They overhaul the O-line, but when your top three receivers are a tight end and two running backs and your starting receivers combine for a total of zero touchdowns, you’ve got a ways to go.  We’ll take Tennessee here in a game we feel they should be favored north of a touchdown.  Our friends at BetOnline have this number at (-5.5).

Titans - USA Today

New England Patriots (+3.5) vs. Miami Dolphins 2 units

Here is another game in which we will go against the line movement.  This game opened with the Dolphins favored by 2.5.  In the last couple of days this line moved to 3 and then to 3.5 which is where it currently sits.  We are compelled to take the points here and be on the right side of a coaching mismatch between Belichick and rookie HC Mike McDaniel.  We think it will take awhile for Tua Tagovailoa to develop chemistry with new weapon Tyreek Hill.  Belichick has been disguising looks and making life hard on young QB’s for decades and we think he does the same here in a lower scoring, close game.  The three and half points could very well decide this one for bettors. New England Patriots (+3.5) can be found across the board, including with our friends at MyBookie.com.

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