2 team 6-point teasers  —  2 units each  

Panthers +8 & Steelers +8   /  Commanders +7.5 & 49ers –2.5  /  Vikings +8 & Bengals –1.5

Professional bettors will all tell you that teasers are a sucker bet, with one very notable exception – NFL sides.  The most common teaser and the ones we’ll use this week are 2 team, 6-point teasers. By giving the player the ability to move the line 6 points (or more) in either direction of the line, we can actually take advantage of the “sharpness” of the Vegas line in NFL games.  Of course, the catch is that we have to bet multiple games.   The key reason this works in the NFL is that so many final scores land on the key numbers of 3 and 7  (e.g. 23-20 or 24-17).  So, when we bet teasers in the NFL, we want to use our 6 points to move through the key numbers of 3 and 7.  In Week 2’s NFL slate, we see several spreads that give us the ability to do just that, so let’s take advantage of it.

Panthers (+8) vs. Giants & Steelers (+8) vs. Patriots

In this teaser, we find the Lions favored over the Panthers by 2, and the Patriots favored over the Steelers by 2 as well.  When we are playing ‘dogs in the NFL, we really prefer to be getting at least 3 points, since getting anything less than three won’t help you too often if your team loses the game outright.  We are better served adding another game in which we can drive through the 3 and 7 and make a teaser out of it, as we have here. 

The Panthers were in a tight game with the Browns last week, and despite being under pressure all day, new QB Baker Mayfield made a couple of big throws to keep his team in it.  He should find the going easier against the NY Giants defense.  We think the Panthers have a good chance to win this game, but moving this line to 8 is hard to pass up. 

We feel the same about the Steelers grabbing 8 at home against New England.  The Patriots starting unit on offense looked shaky in the preseason and that carried over into Week 1 against the Dolphins.  The Steelers, meanwhile, went on the road as 7-point pups and used several turnovers to upset the AFC Champ Bengals.  We’ll take the dueling 8’s here in a 2 team teaser – you can play this now at Bookmaker.

Commanders (+7.5) vs. Lions & 49ers (–2.5) vs. Seahawks

Everyone seems to love the Lions after watching them on Hard Knocks this summer.  And as good a story it was to see a 6th-round rookie win the middle linebacker job, that isn’t a good sign.  While their offense is improving, their D is just bad.  On the other side of the feel-good story of the Lions is the guy everyone seems to hate in Carson Wentz.  While the football world is down on the North Dakota State product, he just threw 4 TD’s in his debut with the Commanders.  (2 years to think about it and all you could come up with is “Commanders”)  This could be a higher-scoring game but one that the team from Washington should be able to keep within a touchdown. 

In the second half of this teaser, we’ll take the Niners and move the spread from 8.5 down to 2.5, below the biggest key number of 3.  San Francisco is one of the top teams in the NFC and they can’t afford to go to 0-2.  Seattle on the other hand pulled a win out of their hat thanks to two goal line turnovers by Denver and some poor coaching decisions at the end of the game.  Their defense will be overmatched in this one.

Bengals (-1.5) vs. Cowboys & Vikings (+8) vs. Eagles

For our third teaser, we’ll take the 7.5 favorite Bengals and knock their number down to a more manageable 1.5 and take the underdog Vikes and move the 2 to an 8.

Despite the loss, the Bengals are a very good team, and we think they’ll make another playoff run.  The Dallas Cowboys are a hot mess.  A team that already has major problems on the offensive line just lost their franchise QB in Dak Prescott at least for a few weeks.  Good luck Cooper Rush.

In our Monday night game, two NFC upstarts in the Vikings and Eagles will go at it in Philly.  The Eagles offense looked in midseason form, while the Minnesotans dominated their rival Packers.  We think this one stays close and 8 points is just too much to give the Vikings at this point.  You can bet this one at BetOnline.   Skol!

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