Occasionally during college football season, we’ll see large weather systems that have effects on multiple games.  This looks like one of those weekends.  If you’ve been betting on football for any length of time, it’s likely you’ve held an over ticket on a game where the weather conditions made hitting that number next to impossible.  Let’s try to avoid that in the future.  Snow rarely makes much of a difference, but the below-freezing temps can make things tough for receivers.  Rain is a hindrance, depending on how much there is.  Wind, though, is a bitch.  Some sites and pundits will talk about the game being affected when the wind is 10 –15 mph, but most good quarterbacks can cut through that.  Where it really starts to get dicey is when the sustained wind is over 20 mph and gusts get into the 30s and 40s.  These types of conditions can shut down a passing game and make the kicking game a real adventure.  Admittedly, sometimes it can give a team a short field in the wake of a fifteen-yard punt or something of the sort, but for the most part, very high winds suppress a high-flying offense like nothing else.  So let’s take a look at where the weather, specifically high winds, are in store this weekend.  Spoiler alert – it’s Big 10 country…

  • Iowa vs. Purdue – 28 mph sustained winds w 58% chance of rain,  Total of 40

The obvious play in these types of games is the under, but if you are betting these now, you have missed the best lines as they have come down significantly since the openers.  If you are one of our VIPicks subscribers, you received releases on these games earlier in the week and got the best of the number.  Just know going in that betting overs in these games is not advisable, and we will be releasing other plays that take advantage of the conditions in the games discussed above, and others with inclement weather conditions.  Our advice if you live in Big 10 country:  Stay home Saturday, keep dry, and stock up on your favorite adult beverages.  Then subscribe to Underthecovers.us VIPicks and win some cheddar from Bovada, MyBookie, BetOnline, BetUS, or your favorite sportsbook.  Together we can win(d) big!  Too far?? 

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