When the 49ers travel to Seattle on Thursday, there are quite a few signs pointing to Christian McCaffrey having a big night.  The Seattle defense has been doing its best bullfighter imitation lately, seemingly stepping aside and letting the Panthers, Raiders, and Rams average 200 yards on the ground in the last three weeks.  We won’t be surprised to see him hit his posted rushing total of 79.5, but that is a high number for McCaffrey, as he is so featured in the passing game the 49ers don’t use him as a workhorse running back.  Instead, we will play to his biggest strength, catching the ball out of the backfield.  McCaffrey has averaged 5 receptions per game since joining the Niners and he’ll face one of the worst defenses in the league when it comes to giving up catches and yardage to running backs.  Moreover, the 49ers are being led by backup Brock Purdy and he is missing his best receiver in Deebo Samuel.  We expect Purdy, who comes in banged up, to spend the night checking down and leaning on McCaffrey.  Let’s go over 4.5 receptions for Chrisitan McCaffrey and we’ll play this one at BetUS.

49ers - christian mccaffrey

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