Yesterday we told you that sometimes statistics lie, and we bragged that we would hit our John Rhys Plumlee rushing prop to win by halftime.  We were a little off as he went over the total with six minutes left in the first quarter.  Cha-ching!

For Saturday’s matchup of the Carolinas, we’re going to count on the numbers telling the truth this time.  And the truth is, the North Carolina defense has been awful for the past couple of years. Last season they ranked 114th in total defense and 121st in pass defense.  Sometimes it looked like they didn’t have eleven guys on the field.  It’s no surprise they gave up over 30 points per game.  

South Carolina’s offense, behind QB Spencer Sanders finished the ‘22 season on fire, hanging 63! on Tennessee, 31 in a huge upset of rival Clemson and 38 in a Gator Bowl loss to Notre Dame.  If that momentum carries over to this season, how can the Tar Heels hope to keep this team under the posted team total of 31?  The answer is they can’t.  Let’s get down on this one at MyBookie before this number ticks up past the very key number of 31. 

Free Pick: South Carolina team total over 31

CFB Week 1 - South Carolina
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