Take the Mets to win the World Series. 

Why?  Dominant starting pitching and the best manager in baseball

A focused Matt Scherzer and a healthy Jacob DeGrom will start a combined 3 games in a 5-game series and 4 games in a 7-game series.  Those guys will not lose in October.

The Mets’ skipper Buck Showalter is the MLB’s best manager.  Buck will be 2022 NL Manager of the year (bet that at +150 now) – and most likely MLB manager of the year.  He has more baseball knowledge and will have more postseason experience than any other manager the Mets will face in the postseason.  Steady, sure, brilliant, and he will not make mistakes in October

The Path…

  • NLDS – Mets/Cardinals – The Mets are 5-2 against the Cardinals this year.  Take that with better pitching, better hitting, an experienced manager, and October New York homefield advantage. Mets take NLDS in 4
  • NLCS – Mets /Dodgers.  Scherzer and DeGrom pitch in 4 of the 7 NLCS games, Buck steals a win on the road and there’s always at least one magical playoff night in New York.  Mets take NLCS in  6
  • WS – Scherzer, DeGrom, Alonzo, and Buck – Mets score more, pitch better, and hit better than any other AL team in contention not named the Yankees – and we don’t see the slumping Yankees in the ’22 Fall Classic.  The Mets will have the best starting pitching, bullpen, lineup, and manager on the field in the World Series.  Mets in 7

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Our best long-shot pick … the Tampa Bay Rays

… Yes, the Rays. 

The Rays are getting healthy and playing their best baseball right now.  They do everything well, don’t make a lot of mistakes, they’re young, fast, smart, and hungry and they just play harder than most teams they face.  

Rays pitching is top 3 in the American League and their bullpen has more strikeouts that any other AL contender (a premium in October).  There are no gaping holes in their lineup, their roster is solid 1 through 25  and they have the most innovative manager in the game in Kevin Cash

The bet here is the Rays get hot in September – if that happens they are trouble.

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