Illinois team total under 28

We hope you read our article about how the weather elements, particularly the wind, affect football games.  We also hope you caught our free play winner on the first of this weekend’s “Mother Nature” games played Friday night in Washington, as the final score of 24-21 went 10 points under the posted total.  Well, enjoy another freebie under play, with a slight twist. Michigan State travels to Illinois without a handful of defensive players due to suspensions.  (Suspensions are likely to be the least of their concerns.)  The forecast is indicating that this game will be played in the nastiest conditions of all the games on Saturday’s slate.  Illinois has a powerful defense, and it will likely shut down the Spartan attack.  The implied total of the game, though, has Illinois scoring around 28, which is simply too high for this game.   If you can, shop around on this line as you might be able to catch a 28.5.  Even though Michigan State will be missing some players, they should be able to put 8 in the box all day and stuff the run.  The wind will stifle the Illinois passing game.  Check out BetUS or Bookmaker for a good line in this Big 10 matchup. 

illinois vs michigan state

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